Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cut lips and why it happens

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The cold days are coming, at last we are getting relief from the extreme heat. But the cold weather also makes our lips flaky and causes us to have a cracked/cut lips.

A cut lips does not only brings pain every time you smile but it causes us embarrassment. Imagine you are talking with someone while your lip is constantly bleeding?

Fortunately, you don't need to suffer the same fate again
 only if you knew why our lips get cut even with a simple smile.

To understand this, let us imagine that the skin in our lips is a thin elastic plastic. But like any skin in our body its cells die and over time it accumulates on the surface. These dead cells are the ones that causes our lip to get hard and flaky. Going back to our plastic analogy, if a plastic gets hard its elasticity is gone and therefore it is easy to break. The same with our lips, when it gets covered with dead cells, it gets flaky and hard and with just a small stretch to it, say for example smiling, our lips crack.

Now that we know that we know why we have a flaky and cut lip, it is obvious that what we need to do is to address flaky lips and make our lips soft once again.

Some makes use of oil or lip gloss to soften the skin. Yes, with the right amount of lip gloss or oil do soften the skin ........ temporarily. But once it is washed of, we are back to the same problem. So what lip gloss does is only to mask to problem. It could be a temporary fix but not the real solution.

I have also seen some people chewing on them, this is actually much worse than not doing anything at all because by chewing at the dead skin on your lip often result to a cut on your lip.

Simple Tip
What you can do is to clean your lip everyday while doing your shower. Do your normal routine at the shower but just before you are done, rub your index finger to your lips to remove those dead skin. Why I said do it at the end of your shower? This is to allow your lips to soften and all dead skins at this point will easily be removed. Rubbing your lips at the beginning of your shower would be like chewing on it and so would end up with a cut on your lip.

That's it. No need to buy those products that promises to give you soft lips.

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