Friday, May 20, 2011

How to change Blogger Language

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"If you need the answer to the question without going thru all my babbling, just scroll down to the bottom of the page".

Today, after creating my blogspot last night, I woke up pretty much excited on blogging again and so I turned on my machine and immediately went to my blog site. And as the page came up I was presented with some unreadable characters once again.

You see, I am currently living in Taiwan, and so everytime I use my computer it sends out the information of my "general location" through my IP address which the site in return sends a page in Chinese. Bear in mind that I am very new to blogging so I may not be able to present all the solutions.

Going back on topic, this is what I get:

So what did I do? As most of my questions about anything, I turn to google. And so I search, and the top result showed me a way to change it back to English. This link will give you the blogger page where you can change to any of your preferred language:

This will present you with a simple page and you can then click the SAVE SETTINGS button after selecting your desired language before you proceed to your respective blogspot page.

Happy blogging everyone!

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