Friday, May 20, 2011

Learning Blogger - Gadgets

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For the coming days, most of my posts will be on how I have been making my blog site. Hopefully, I can compile them later on into one article to be make it easier to follow.

Now I am learning slowly how to customize my blog......

I am trying to make my blog a little bit more interesting and came across Gadgets. Based on my searches, gadgets are a great tool to add content to your site. You do this by going to Design and under Page Elements you will see a page similar to that of a power point template.

In here, you can find several boxes with different labels.
Click on gadgets and a pop-up window appears with choices for you to put-up on your blog. However you are not limited to the choices presented here because there are a lot to choose from on the internet from news, stuff of your interest like books, music to anything you can think of. Although, for those other than what you can find in Google gadgets, you will need to edit the HTML code which quite simple enough even for the non-programmer out there like me.

But don't fret! There are enough for us newbies of this stuff under Google gadgets.

Once you picked what you want, just click on it and presto! It is added to you blog site. Try experimenting on it for a while to get a feel to it and you will be on your way to a lot more interesting blog page of your own.

You can try clicking on other boxes as well. They work the same way.


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