Friday, May 20, 2011

Igorota Music Video

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OK, let's take break for a moment from babbling about how to create a blog and let me share you a music that I came to love. There are lyrics out there but I am not sure if there are posts already with guitar chords. So here it is as best I can make it up. I got the lyrics from here:


Intro: G - D - Em - D - C - D - G --

          G                                             D
On a soft green [play] ground by the river bend
               Em                 D                       G
She was sitting there to meet the morning sun
               C                                    D                       G --
She was playing a [flute] when the songbird’s broke out

As they listened to [her wonderful] melody
                    Em                   D
And he was filled with every note she’s playing
C              D           G--
Slowly I sat by her side

C           G
Igorota, girl of my dreams
D                                                G
You’re the most precious gift that I ever had
C           G
Igorota, queen of my heart
I’ll go on loving you
                        G -
Throughout my life

G                             D
You are my day, my morning sun
Em                 D                G
You’ll forever be my only one
       C                           D                 G --
She puts the [flute] then sweetly she smiles
And she asks me, “Why are you staring at me?”
   Em                          D
I held her close and a songbird sang
   C                      D           G
I whispered to her, “I love you.”

Repeat Refrain


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