Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to create a blog

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Before I started blogging, I thought that this is a lot of work. Imagine you sitting on your computer and writing on lines and lines of text and there might not be even anyone who would be reading it? But once I have started, I could not seem to stop and just want to continue....

Well anyway enough with that let us go on to discuss how you can also start your own blog.

Blog came from the abbreviated words Web log which was initially designed as a journal. But now, it can be of anything like a how to site like what my blog contains.

To start your own blog, there are several options. You could try to look for a free blog hosting sites like Blogger, WordPress, Xanga and All these and others are free and offer tools for you to start your own minutes. Yes, you read correctly. In just a matter of minutes, you can start blogging your wits out until your fingers hurt if you want.

So why did I choose Blogger? No particular reason, it was just the first one I saw. Each one has their strengths which I can not comment because I personally did not look up on each of them.

So I am only going to talk about Blogger and how I started it.

e-mail address
First you should have a valid e-mail address. I said valid because after completing everything, Blogger will send a confirmation mail with link to Blogger which you need to do. So without an e-mail address you will not be able to confirm your Blogger account. If you don't have one now, make one and come back here.
Next go to and click the Get Started button. Next time when you go to your blog just use the Account Sign in on the right side of the home page using your e-mail address and the password you will supply on the next step. But that is getting ahead of the topic already.

User Information
Upon clicking on the Get started button, a form comes up. Fill-up all the fields and click continue. All the fields are required so if even a single field is missing you will not be permitted to proceed to the next step. Write down your password if there is even a chance that you will forget it to avoid any log in problems later due to lost pass. Once done click the continue button.

Name your Blog
I hope by now you already figure out what to call your blog because you are now about to put a URL (blog address) name and Your blog's title. I called my blog title Something4Everything. I would have wanted the same for my URL but it was already taken so I settled for something similar. It is but wise that your URL and title is catchy so it is easy to remember and catches attention. It need not be super nice but think of something unique and is relevant to what you will be blogging. After entering the URL, click on the Check Availability button to determine if this URL is available. Once you got the URL settled, click on continue.

Final Step.......Designing your blog page
Nope you don't need to be very good at writing codes to be able to finish this last task. In fact you don't need to be writing any code at all. If you have worked with powerpoint before you will find out that it is very similar in format. But first you will need to select the appearance of your blog from a list available to you.

You can also upload a photo to be your background.

Also, you can always go back to these options by clicking on Design tab then click the template designer link.

After completing the selection of the template and layout, you will have a page that doesn't look anything like a web page. You can click save so all your selections are stored. Then try clicking the PREVIEW button and a new window appears to show a preview of your page. Looks better now doesn't it, but still quite empty. At this point your blog is already finished and you can start blogging. Close the preview window and on the original window click on Posting Tab.

Now you can begin to type your very first entry into your blog. Remember to supply your title. Notice also that just below your title, there are several formatting tools you can use to enhance the content of your blog entry including undo and redo. To check out what they will do, just move your mouse pointer over to each item and wait for a second for the description to appear. When you are done remember to spell check your work. You can also click preview to see what it will actually look like. If you are contented with your work click publish post.

Try experimenting on it for now and you will get the hang of it in no time.

For other contents on your blog, look for my post regarding gadgets.


Please leave your comments and suggestions on the comments area.

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