Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make those cockroaches pack and leave your home

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You are watching your favorite comedy movie with your family and then someone screams as though what you are watching suddenly turned into a horror movie only to learn a cockroach just creeps out of nowhere.

I never really  understood why these little creature brings such reaction to some people but they do. So how do you get rid of them? You may already have tried several methods including cleaning your house, using bug sprays or even pesticides. You may even have hired an exterminator. But in all honesty, even if you did all those if your house is situated in places where there really are lots of cockroaches, then they will find their way back as soon
as those chemicals wear off.

Inroducing Pandan
There is still one thing you can try and in a natural way. Have you ever heard of pandan (botanical name: Pandanus odorus is just one specie; english name: screw tree)?

In parts of Asia where rice is a staple food, it is used to bring flavor to the rice or to be more specific, it gives a nice smell to the rice once cooked. Lately, it has also been used on jelly and refreshments.

But pandan is also known by some to control cockroaches. Pandan leaves as it turned out contains a compound that cockroaches seem to hate. This compound don't kill cockroaches, only drive them away. In other words pandan leaves are a natural cockroach repellent.

What you can do
You can put them on a several pots and distribute them to the different area of your house. Put as much as you want, the more the better. It would also be better if some are placed near hiding places of cockroaches.

If you don't want it that way, you can just get some of the leaves, bundle them, make several bundles and place them on different parts of your house. Try to get the mature leaves as these are the ones that contain more of the repellent compound. Leave it there until it dries out. And you may want to replace them once all the leaves have totally dried out.

After doing the above, you should be having a positive result in just a day. No wonder some cab drivers in Singapore put pandan leaves in their trunk and leave it there to dry. The repellent compound from the pandan leaves are slowly released into the confines of the car making them cockroach free.

Try it out too and tell me if it worked for you as well.

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