Sunday, July 10, 2011

Uncluttering your home and increase living space

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For most of us, living space is something that we always seem to lack. This is why we all go wow when we see a big house on television.

What you may not realize is that you may have more space than you realized.

What you can do is unclutter what you may have laying around the house. Some of these are toys, baskets, books, card board boxes from your last move, your daughter's favorite stuffed toys and even your furniture. WAIT! Before you throw whatever you have on your hand towards me, let me explain that last bit. You see clutter in my definition is anything that is not in a proper place so anything that is in the way for example is a clutter. Whew! Whatever have I gotten myself into. Anyway moving on.

Here is what you can do to give
 yourself more space.


Using shelves is a very good way of getting some of your things organized. I found that wall shelves not only provide additional space to put your things, they also bring aesthetic value into your home. Another great thing about wall shelves are that they don't really occupy any floor space as they are attached to the wall.

Your cabinet shelves are also very useful because they can hold heavier load compared to wall shelves.

Hanging Cabinets

Like wall shelves, hanging cabinets are great storage spaces. They are specially good located at the kitchen. If you ever have problem where to store those extra plates and glasses and you don't have a hanging cabinet, it's high time you have your trusted carpenter install one.

Under Sofa

That empty space under your sofa is not only good for your toddler to crawl under but are good storage spaces too. No, don't just pile up all things under but use that card board box laying around. Cut them to fit and decorate it if you need to match your sofa. Now, you just solved two things with this.

If you are considering on buying a new sofa, consider to purchase the kind where it can double as a storage space. Here you can place toys and stuffed toys.

Toys/Stuffed toys

Arrange all stuffed toys in one place like a corner table. This will unclutter your place at the same time provides a decent view on that corner.

All toys should also be kept on such places as mentioned above and only keep a few for your child to play with, preferably an educational one. This way, your child can have more focus on that toy and may learn a thing or two in the process.

Do a garage sale

Gather up all your belongings you already don't need offer it up for a garage sale. After the sale you will find out that you now have less to store or arrange and as a consequence, more living space and an extra money to add to your budget!


Many of us consider basements as another storage space but should it be? Personally I consider basements to be part of our living space. I therefore suggest you go visit your basement and you will find that a lot of what you have there are no longer needed and just occupying that much needed space. So as suggested above put them up for a garage sale.

Arrange your furniture

As a rule of thumb, never put chairs, table and other furniture that gets in the way. If they are, move them somewhere else like against a wall. It is also worth noting not to buy more than what is needed. What this means is, if there are only three of you living in a house, only buy a set of sofa that can accommodate all three plus about another three guests.

Let the sunshine in

Sunshine always brings a smile to my face, I'm sure many of you too. So don't block that natural light from entering your home. Also, being able to see the outdoors tends to bring a feel of bigger space into your home. Don't let cabinets then get in the way of your view. Nothing makes you more feel confined than not seeing what is outside your home.

As a summary, proper organization of what you have goes a long way to providing you with more living space.

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