Monday, October 17, 2011

Soda Bottle Water Heater

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Here is another video for reducing your power comsumption as well as your carbon footprint. This time it is using soda bottles arranged in series as a water heater.

This uses the same principle as a thermosiphon. It makes use of the fact that hot water is less bouyant than cold water and thus in the case of the solar water heater, cold water from a tank automatically replaces the hotter water from the water bottle which is exposed to the sun much like a thermosiphon. It is therefore important that a tank is placed right above your soda bottles (collector).

In order for this to be more effective, the soda bottles are painted black to absorb as much heat as possible since other colors including white reflects certain amount of light whereas black does the opposite.

Please also note that the plastic of these soda bottles slowly breaks down when exposed to the sun's heat releasing harmful chemicals when ingested but would still be ok for washing and bathing. In case you are concerned about the effects of these chemicals, you can use other material like soda cans.

I have also seen a variation of this which uses black plastic hose wound into circle and secured into a wooden board.

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