Saturday, October 1, 2011

What to prepare for a typhoon?

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During a typhoon, one thing is certain and that is one can't go out because with winds as strong as 185Km/hour it is potentially dangerous outdoors as there maybe some flying objects that could hit you. Electricity could be cut as well as water. So what are the things that we need to prepare so our stay indoors to wait out the typhoon to pass?

It is vital that you have enough supply of water during this time. Even if there will be water all around due to the heavy, it will not be potable. Any water you can collect from the rain will be good for washing but will not be for drinking and cooking. It is best then to order in advance to your usual supplier.

In our case we order enough water supply to last at least 3 days as typhoon usually lasts for 2 days plus 1 day extra to ensure that when I call back for another supply of water, it will be delivered to me on that same day. If you have babies that uses from a different bottling company, check that you also have enough to at least enough to last until it is safe to go out and buy.

Power up
From where I live, it is almost a certainty that when typhoon comes power supply goes down. It is then very important during a typhoon to charge all batteries and/or buy batteries to supply at least your radio, cellphone and flash light/lamps. If you fail on this, you will soon find yourself groping in the dark. Your need for a radio has never been more important than on this time to keep you up to date on what is going on and on any announcement or emergencies. Your cellphones has to stay on also so you could still keep in touch with your loved ones and to tell them that you are safe.

Do not forget to also have enough supply of food. Buy also some snacks for your little ones to keep them contented at all times especially since they can not go out to play. The least you need will be worrying about the typhoon and keeping your toddlers to keep still or quiet at all times.

Keep them entertained
To keep some semblance in your home (specially when there is no power) keep your toddlers (and yourselves) entertained. Be ready for those toys or better yet make them your source of entertainment by making them sing or dance or what ever it is that your children are good at. For households with no little children, playing board games with the entire family is a good way to pass the time.

Emergency Bag
You will never know what could happen, so in case of an emergency you should always have a bag complete with your essentials in it that you can take with you anytime that you needed to move out.

Prevent glass windows from breaking
To prevent your glass windows and doors from breaking, slightly open some windows on the opposite side of the house from where the wind is pounding. Why? During a typhoon, atmospheric pressure constantly changes and with all doors and windows closed the pressure from inside the house can not change as quickly and when the pressure difference outside and inside the house is too much your glass windows will break. So to even this out, slightly open some windows by a centimeter is enough.

These are just some of the things that you need to prepare when you hear on the news that there is a typhoon coming. But remember that it is not advised that you go out at the height of a typhoon as objects could be carried away by the strong wind and therefore risk getting hit by it or worst decapitated. Power lines could also fall down and the risk of electrocution is thus very high.

Also, it is best to hid what your local authorities tells you. If they ask that you move to an evacuation center, please do so. Things may not happen as the authorities are expecting but it is better safe than sorry besides they aren't called expert in their own field for nothing so watch our for these announcements.

If you have other things that is worth mentioning, please do so on the comments section.

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