Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things to consider in buying toy gifts this Christmas

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Our Children love to bite anything they can
grab on. Be more cautious in buying toys so
that it don't contain toxic substance.
Christmas is nearing and by now many are already out there buying gifts to be given away. And for most of us the easiest we could think of to give are toys and although our health department have been giving away advisories to be careful in buying toys, some of us are still at limbo on how to find which ones are safe to buy.

For example, advisories have been flying about that we avoid toys that contain toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. So here are some tips that may help us in buying safer toys.

1. Look for on-site testing facilities. If available, ask if the item (toy) is tested safe. If not yet tested ask it to be tested.

2. Look at the labels and check if it contains any heavy metals or other toxic substance. If any of this is found better move along to the next toy.

3. Check for the stickers from your country's agency that monitors the safety of food and drugs. These stickers indicates that a product is safe as per their standard. If missing, it probably did not pass the agency's safety standards.

4. Check for loose paint. If the paint is found to be loose or if it gets rubbed off on hands, it is very likely that these contain heavy metals specifically lead. It is better to buy unpainted toys just to be safe.

5. Look also for age appropriate toys. When buying toys, consider to whom it will be given. For example, don't give a toy for 5 year old and above to a 3 year old and below as this may have small parts and may pose as a choking hazard. Remember that toddlers love to put anything in their mouths that they get a hold on to.

6. Pthalates on plastic toys. A lot of plastic toys contain this substance called pthalates. It is a substance to increase the elasticity of plastics that when ingested may lead to some health issues. Instead of plastic, consider buying wooden toys instead.

7. More expensive does not mean safer. Even toys from big companies are not immune to toxic toys as most of this companies subcontract these to other toy making company usually to the lowest bidder. Although big companies also have their quality check to protect their name but still look for the above mentioned items to be sure.

Now that you have your gifts bought, it is now time to gift wrap them. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!
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